type: Book

role: Curator, researcher and project manager of the editorial team.

location: Switzerland


editorial team: Hiromi Hosoya, Markus Schaefer
publisher: Lars Müller Publishers
date: Fall 2020

more infomration to follow

“It is of little consequence to alter one house in a suburban field, but it is very effective to design a real estate protocol that is contagious within it. It is relatively meaningless to attempt to represent a process like the Internet, but very meaningful to author active forms that ride that network. Similarly, one cannot design diversity in a city by crafting variability in its individual components, but one can design an urban infrastructure from both geometry and relationship that continues to generate diversity, and is reliant on both the shape of physical form and the scripts that govern their use and growth. These combinations of form and protocol are tools for adjusting organizational constitution, and they are capable of rendering mixtures that are, for instance, homogenous, heterogeneous, monopolistic, oligarchic, open, resilient or recursive.” (Easterling 2010)


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